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Visibility Stationery Set – Lime

Visibility Stationery Set – Lime

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This practical and inexpensive stationery set includes a matching colour Aruba Ball Pen (PEN-1657), Brainiac Pencil (PENCIL-1287), Scholastic 15cm Ruler (RULER-3), together with a white sharpener (SHARP-1), all packaged inside our Mini Visibility Pouch (POUCH-1719).

It’s an ideal school/university give-away, both due to the price of the set as well as the visibility of logos through the pouch.

Please remember that you are able to brand the pen, pencil, ruler and pouch and therefore must add the branding component to each of these items when quoting.

The set is consolidated inside the pouch if branded in-house. Items are supplied separately if not.

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