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Energyblast Power Bank Gift Set (Incl Pen) – Purple

Energyblast One Giftset – Purple

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Create a tech set that makes an impact by combining an Energyblast
Power Bank with a Spectrum Max Ball Pen and packaging it in a gift box.


This giftset is made up of a number of parts which we consolidate to make up the set. When checking stock on hand of the gift set, please note that you should view the stock on hand of the TECH-4499 and the colour PEN-1569 you would like the set to be made up with. We will include the presentation box, GIFTBOX-005 on the invoice.

Please also note that you have the opportunity to add a different pen to this giftset but this will then impact the price of the giftset. You also have the opportunity to add a memory stick as well as a multi charging cable to this set, and once more you should take into account the added cost to the giftset of each of these components.

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